When I was a kid, I was adamant that I would be a singer. I would spend hours in the shower…doing what: practicing my vocals and I was on it!  Even though I didn’t have a melody in my head, I spent plenty of time writing choruses on paper. My belief was that I would be a legendary singer but somewhere along the line, that dream fell short. I can’t place my finger on when the spark in me began to fade, perhaps it happened when I became a little older when reality set in and life took over. This is when I stop believing (at this point, a certain song should come to mind).

Belief. By definition, belief is a state of mind of trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.  I know I stopped believing in myself when major events in my life took place and I began to lose focus. So the real question is why? Why do we allow ourselves to lose belief in our abilities or God-given talents? Where is that child-like belief that we once possessed?

We subject ourselves to a life of mediocrity by not being open to endless possibilities. We allow ourselves to stop dreaming and as a result, we start to lack belief that we can do anything.

So how do we regain our belief?

  1. Belief is a synonym of faith, which means knowing things will work out at any cost.
  2. Set realistic goals and truly work on them. Surely you have heard this many times. However, the key word was “work your goals”.  Actually, spend the time and set something you want to do.
  3. Be persistent and consistent. Persistent to know that you have to get this done and consistently working on your goals to accomplish it.
  4. Celebrate small victories. It may not seem like much in the beginning but when you have attained the goal, the reward will be great.

I have started to enforce something in myself and even in my kids that we can do anything. I specifically emphasize on ensuring they do not lose their childlike belief. It is almost borderline conceited and arrogant that they know that they can do anything. They have to believe that within their heart of hearts that it will be done. All you have to do is believe.