Commitment with a sprinkle of BELIEF on top

Being committed to goals and tasks are easier said than done. While many talk the talk, they have serious trouble walking the long road of commitment. Think about it: New Year’s resolutions, goals, long-term projects, diets, are a few areas that where commitment levels drop.  Studies show that people get about a ¼ of the way into a goal before quitting. Sadly, only 20% of New Year’s resolutions are kicked to the curb by June. When are you committed you are steadfast, dedicated, unwavering, passionate and devoted to a worthy cause; so why do we fall short of these goals? The answer might surprise you, but fortunately, there are remedies to cure you stopping-short of goals blues:

  • Lacking discipline and rigor. You start a project full steam ahead and maybe one day decide you don’t feel like it. It feels good to be lazy.                                   
    • Remedy: Create a schedule and develop a daily routine. Routines form habits. Habits form consistency. Consistency forms discipline. Schedules and routines were hard for me to follow. I would forget the paper or something would “come up”. Now I use the 15-minute morning schedule today. As far as a routine, I meal prep dinners in advance and I don’t do any errands during the week unless it is a dire emergency.
  • Bad habits can ruin anyone’s path to their dreams. “I can do that tomorrow” or “I can’t miss my favorite show”.
    • Remedy: Develop willpower! How do you ask? Eliminate TV or at least your time with TV. Silence your phone and check it in 45-minute increments. I have a hard time doing that, then distract yourself. Probably with the work you should be doing anyway. Create a new habit. When I started working online my typical routine was to get home, cook dinner, do homework and get the kids to bed. After a long day, I would allow myself to relax by internet surfing, talking to friends or doing other things that would get me nowhere near my dream.
  • Belief!  No one will believe in you the way that you believe in you.
    • Remedy: Read my article "Belief" to learn how to regain it.
  • Allowing life to happen. You fall victim to circumstances.
    • Remedy: Unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do about it. What you can is, overcome the circumstance and get back on track. Even if it’s a day or a week later. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment you get from doing what you said you would do. I no longer allow life to happen to me. Instead, I happen to live.

No one ever said achieving your dream was easy but it takes commitment to step out of business, as usual, to get it done. Nothing says unstoppable bad ass more than accomplishing a goal or dream.