Content Creation Struggle

Struggling to create content is the never-ending battle for entrepreneurs, small businesses, network marketers or anyone using social media as a platform. Even after developing an audience, putting out appealing content to your niche, creating content can seem like a daunting task. I receive a few common questions about content marketing daily. The fact is, even I struggled in the beginning, but through trial and error, I found a few fundamentals to put my knowledge out there.

Cultivate your brand voice by writing every day. (Yes! EVERY DAY.) There is always something to write from news articles to inspiration from a podcast. Writing expresses your thoughts and in some cases, a niche uncovers itself. Through experience, creativity stems and fresh ideas reveal themselves.

Create a weekly/monthly action plan. Creating these topics in advance allows full control over content distribution with the capability to tie in holidays and special occasions into the plan. Despite early content creation, keep abreast of the news that may affect your niche. As a business owner, you want to be a part of the constant conversation voicing your thoughts, when necessary.

Continuously grow yourself by reading or listening to personal development books or podcasts. Reading stimulates your mind, resourcefulness, and ingenuity. Gather all your knowledge from meticulous reading and apply the knowledge in your niche or life. Writing about it daily to develop material to share becomes easier when an experience is incorporated.

Rather than your thoughts running wild, jot them down. If your first choice is writing, maintain a physical notepad. If your preference is digital, take advantage of the FREE version of Evernote.

Repurpose your content. One cannot run out of topics using this format. Re-read a post or blog you wrote, maybe a book you previously visited. Is your perception the same? Or have you made any new observations? Through constant personal development, you may develop a mindset of forward thinking.

It is not always easy to plan what to say or when to say it your audience but constantly assembling ideas and writing, them down and participating in related conversations makes the world of difference. Eventually, generating content is no longer struggle but more so your platform to discuss significant topics with your audience.