Key factors to success are discipline and consistency. I never truly understood what that meant until I was working my way to the top. I was organized to the tee (which was close to disciplined) but after a while, I realized that I wasn’t consistent. As a matter of fact, I realized that once I was done with school and life slowed down a little, I was like most of the population, I went home and lived a mediocre life. I did the typical things like watch TV or gossiping on the phone and surfing the internet. As a result, I found myself bored, tired all the time, and gaining an exceptional amount of weight. It wasn’t until I realized that once I took the time to incorporate the key factors to success (discipline and consistency) that I began to see a change.

I find it easier to be disciplined if you have a routine attached.  For example, at one point I was working out heavily as a result, it became regularly. I would wake up at 5am and run until 6 am, then, shower and start my day. Due to this decision, I was watchful of the food that I ate (by measuring meal portions) and tracking every detail possible. I was consistent with my choices and actions.

I grew up in Jamaica where discipline was paramount. As a result, I grew into a routine into my adulthood. I had no choice but to be. Our culture is trained to be as such, it is ingrained in many from youth. Every faucet beginning with school and working our way up to adulthood, we live by daily practices.  A few things that I remember as a kid is being trained to always have manners to adults by addressing them as Mister and Miss. I had to do chores such as Ironing uniforms on a Sunday to ensure they were ready for the week, laying out clothes the night before and waking up at 6am to ensure that I was out the door by 7am. In the evenings, I promptly left for school and had a routine to maintain. This routine happened for years to come. On weekends, I was early to clean the house and in the evenings, I relaxed. Can you guess what I grew up to do with my own kids? Train them the same way. Of course, there were a few instructions that I altered but for the most part, they adopted the same philosophies.

Upon starting my voyage upward, it was no surprise that I would have to start doing the same things again. I had to re-train myself to make a routine and have daily disciplines included in it. I will admit was a bit of a struggle. If I got off track, there were a few absolutes that I had to get done, and you can too! It starts with simple daily choices that you make:

  • Flipped off my TV as it won’t make me wealthy nor health (on down time, a little TV is okay for entertainment)
  • Form habits into daily or weekly “must do” routine for consistency

Once the combination of disciplines and consistency collide then you are on the fast track to success. To add icing to the cake, start to include being persistent and relentless. The results are dramatic and of course much more fulfilling. From personal experience, life started to look much different and better once adding these key factors for a recipe for success.