Entreprenuerial Beginnings

Growing up in Jamaica, I was taught to have the mindset to create or have a hustle for cash. This started at an early age as day after day I would watch the townspeople bring their crops or products to the marketplace to sell. My grandmother, among those market people, would travel almost every morning with her crops. She would leave home as early as 6 am to get a good spot in the market. At the time, I knew she was doing it to make ends meet while raising 7 kids. It wasn’t until I realized that her hustle never stopped at just going to the marketplace! She would cook to sell food from her kitchen, sew clothing if needed and do other odd jobs. When she came to the US, she obtained her nursing certification and continued as she did odd nursing jobs to support my mom and aunts in Jamaica while pinching away a few dollars for a rainy day. Watching her over the years opened my eyes and that is when I realized why she did what she did. The reality is a whopping 88% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Within that shocking number, most don’t have savings that would last one month let alone multiple months in the event of an emergency. These grueling numbers will make anyone cringe. Chances are you may fall into the paycheck to paycheck category. So what is your side hustle? What business or opportunity are you doing to make the extra cash? When we hear the term side hustle, we know it synonymous with extra cash. I watched my grandmother and eventually my mother take on the most minuscule of jobs because according to them “every mickle mek a muckle”, translation: every dollar counted.

It wasn’t until recently I realized my grandmother was a true definition of a budding entrepreneur. It was her “side hustle” that were able to keep the lights on and find her niche. Ultimately, it was through my grandmother and eventually my mother where I understood the meaning of true grit, drive, and determination. It’s no surprise now why I opted to change my life. While some do it to provide, I do this to show others the unlimited and fathoming depth a side hustle can do for you.
Comment below and let me know what entrepreneurial endeavor have you accidentally (or intentionally) developed that has gone even further than you imagined? For a hilarious rendition of side hustling, check out Kaye, the Writer’s interpretation of an entrepreneurship: http://kayethewriter.com/mind-your-business/.