How Your Squad Keeps you Motivated?

There are plenty of times I have to muster up the motivation to do something, be productive, and make moves. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like it. During those times, relying solely on yourself to get the task done can be harder than you think; even reaching out to friends or family who aren’t as committed as you are to achieving goals can be frustrating. Since they “just don’t get it”, not everyone will support you.  As discouraged as it may be, solutions are not too far ahead, just create a “power posse”.

A power posse consists of friends or family members that share the same visions as you in a particular area. These groups of people consist of 3 or 5 members and are typically mentors, leaders or people that inspire you. The results, I gained from having this group of visionaries around me is uncanny. I find myself always wanting to level up and if my motivation ever falls, I have a group of reliable people that never fail to pick me and put me on track. In an effort to keep all areas of my life, I decided to have a power posse in the areas most important to me. However, you may choose to have it in other areas of your life that are the most important to you. Spirituality, health and wellness, career and business, finances and money, relationships, mind and intellect and social and personal areas that anyone can create a team of leaders.

When you surround yourself with people who aren’t apart of your power posse, you are likely to become like them and tend to pick up their bad habits. So what do you do with people who aren’t apart of your power posse? Do you cut them off? Kick them to the curb? Absolutely not! Let’s face it, they were a friend (and will always be family) prior to this discovery about you. Don’t be weird with them. Instead, choose to limit your time and protect your ears around them. Continue to build memories and learn to filter any negativity coming from them. It’s ok that some people aren’t on the same trek through life as you are. What is not ok is holding onto the garbage that won’t serve you or elevate you to the next level.

Your best performances are when you associate yourself with people of your power posse. Now go out and create this team of amazing leaders. You are the sum of your 5 closest friends, so why not surround yourself with only the best. You deserve it!