Have you ever listened to the thoughts that run through your mind? Are they positive or negative thoughts? Are they encouraging or motivating or burdened and worrisome thoughts?

On my journey to success, I was advised by my mentor to read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. After reading them I decided to pay close attention to my thoughts. I will admit, it is challenging to pay attention to every single thought but the ones I did catch, I was shocked! I realized quite a few things. First off, I have negativity in my thoughts. Also, I expect the worse before the best in all of my situations which led to the fear of trying new things and taking risks. I poked at myself in the mirror and worse of all, I downplayed my abilities to succeed. There were a few positive highlights in there but the negativity is what stuck out the most. This is when I understood that we practically set ourselves up for failure by not paying attention to what we say to yourself.

Your brain drives every function in your body; sending rapid communications to the nerves, muscles and maintaining involuntary actions such as breathing or swallowing. All of this is done without missing a beat. Every once and awhile you become aware of what your thoughts are. Otherwise from that, for the most part, your mind is on autopilot. Research shows that thoughts take less than a second to form and act on if needed.

I realized that this voice in my head stopped me from stepping out of my comfort zone. I was reminded of those few extra pounds that I may have gained or thought the worse would always happen in lieu of thinking positively. No wonder why I was attracting what I was attracting. (Believe you me, the Law of Attraction is very real!)

So how did I become more aware of my thoughts? By becoming self-aware every opportunity I got. Again, it wasn’t easy at all. It took me awhile to catch myself going back to letting my mind run free. There are times that my mind wanders especially if I am listening to music, however, I don’t allow it to stroll for long. Once I caught negative thoughts or feelings, I would reiterate to myself the optimistic aspect. For example, if I stopped myself from having a conversation with someone, I forced myself to say “Hi” with a smile. If I felt like I couldn’t handle a task at work or within my company, I asked myself, how bad did I want to change my life? If I realized that I poked at myself for how I looked, I reminded myself how gorgeous I am. After a while, I practically trained my thoughts and owned them. They did what I said and it was habitual to think positively. It all starts with what’s in your mind; became much more positive and become much more attentive to your thoughts. Remind yourself to smile and greet people with a warm and charming “hello”. As a result, you will notice a change in the people that are attracted to you.

Self-talk plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives. Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions they become habits. Let’s be more conscious of what we think of ourselves.