The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet. What do these people have in common? They are all household names and infamous entrepreneurs that revolutionized their industry. Ever wondered what is their superpower? What makes them different from the average? See my tips below to get you started on the right path to entrepreneurship.

Being a visionary and always in the forefront. With the increase of technology, new platforms (especially social media platforms), new apps developing and more millennials wanting to become entrepreneurs our world is drastically changing. Hence being a visionary. Being on the forefront by being one step ahead in your niche and revolutionizing it. Always be in creation mode. What can you create to make someone else’s life simpler?

Resiliency to get through obstacles and challenges. Challenges, frustration, and life happen. You will face critics. I dare to even say it, YOU MUST HAVE CRITICS. Family, friends and in some cases your spouse will be against you (not intentionally, of course). God gave you the vision for your dream. You must choose to plant yourself concretely and remain firm in what YOU what. And if you ever feel like crying or venting, you have 2 minutes and only 2 minutes to get it out. Anything after that is considered whining. One thing I am extremely proud of is my ability to bounce back and keep on chucking. Don’t get me wrong I have days I feel like crying but I quickly realize it solves nothing. So I snap out of it and get back to work.

While listening to an audio, I heard an amazing trick from Caleb Maddix. When nothing is going right in your day, GIVE. Giveaway sometime of value to your family or friends, food to a homeless person, toys to kids at an orphanage, volunteer your time. Give something away. Blessing someone else opens up blessings for you.

Lastly, the ability to HUSTLE. Sleeping, eating and enjoying other activities that don’t serve them is at the top of most people’s agenda. Rather than toiling away to get the life they desire, someone is out at happy hour. Before you chop my head off, I am not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy life, of course, you should! But what I am saying, unless you have a scheduled time to take a break, you don’t take a break. For most, this is harsh and I get that. The reality is that unless you have a deep, burning drive and desire to succeed, most people won’t hustle and sacrifice. All entrepreneurs didn’t get to where they are without adding this last ingredient.
After listening to hundreds of hours of audios and reading a plethora of books, the average entrepreneur takes 2-3 years to take off, although everyone’s results may vary. On the way to building that dream, let’s not forget to sniff the roses and enjoy the journey, there will be days that you don’t feel like doing it. This is where the HUSTLE mentality comes in. Choose to embrace it and welcome it with open arms. After all, YOU create what you want.