For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: What is mentoring?

A: Effective mentoring is about the relationship between mentor and mentee. It is about giving a safe place for an individual to learn even if it is by error and not to be judged for a failure. It is to challenge the mentee to move toward their objectives and goal

Q: What is the recommended length of time to mentor a mentee?

A: An appropriate length of time to mentor a member should be 6 months. Contact with a mentee should be once a month for 1 hour or less. However, this can vary based on the package selected.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: Develop Me by Kimberlee does not lock anyone into a contract. If you are displeased with our services, please let us know advising how we can improve. Open feedback is better than no feedback. 

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